Fragrance creations

Supporting you to realise your perfume potential

Offer your clients a unique fragrance

Do you dream of being able to offer your target audience a scent that will keep them coming back for more? Do you have targets to have a fragrance in your stores before the next big holiday season? Fragosmic can help you hit your targets and provide a beautiful long-lasting fragrance perfect for your target market. 

Perfectly bespoke fragrance creation

Are you looking for a bespoke fragrance you can stock in your stores? Do you have ideas for your fragrance creation but are not sure where to start? At Fragosmic, we work with businesses and brands on fragrance creations that work for their target market and brands. As an independent, family-run perfumer based just outside of London, our founder has spent the last 40 years perfecting scents and formulas, gaining inspiration and experience from countries across the world, and bringing back her knowledge to retailers, hotels, restaurants, and business parks that would love to be a part of their fragrance creation. 

Fragrance creations with natural ingredients

Not only is the success of your product important to us, but the way in which it is created and finished. At Fragosmic, many of our ingredients are natural and our essential oils blend makes for a perfect scent every time. Our natural ingredients are found locally and across the UK, in different fields and farms, forests and areas of natural beauty. All our ingredients go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are perfect for our fragrance formulas and will last throughout the day. 

Create your next fragrance

Signature scents for business or brand

Whether you have the perfect fragrance in mind, from something you have previously smelt or from your own inspiration, or you have no initial ideas for your fragrance creation.

Fragosmic will work closely with you from the beginning to understand what you are looking for, where your scent will be used and what feelings you would like your fragrance to convey. 

From here, we will get to work on your fragrance creation, only sharing these scent formulas with you when we are sure they have been perfected. Create the perfect scent for your business or brand with Fragosmic. 

A tailored scent, unique to you

Do you want a tailored fragrance that is unique to you, that won’t be found anywhere else on the market?

Do you need a fragrance quickly? We work with a variety of clients in a semi-bespoke way, where we take a fragrance from our library and modify it to put your own unique twist and stamp on it. This has the benefits of being quicker and less expensive to create, but still gives you a tailored fragrance.

Fragosmic work with a variety of different brands and businesses to create unique and individual scents, from restaurants or business parks that need diffusers, bathroom scents, and perfumes created, to hotels and retailers that need a range of luxury products for their guests and shoppers. To work with Fragosmic, get in touch today and start your fragrance journey. 

The power of fragrance creation for your brand

What can a fragrance do for your business? 

A fragrance can offer your business or brand something completely unique. For business parks or restaurants, this could be the immediate recognition from visitors that they are at one of your sites.

For retailers, a shopper wearing your scent is sure to attract the attention and questions of their friends, family members and colleagues.  For hotels, you are looking for opulence and luxury that are often achieved through fragrance creation. Having a unique scent for your brand could be a powerful tool that boosts sales, improves reviews and increases your brand visibility.

Fragosmic can help you create a powerful fragrance that works for you.