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Ruth is a renowned British perfumer who has been working as a perfumer for her entire professional career. She loves to create unique and bespoke fragrances for brands and businesses. Featured in the press many times, including articles in The Guardian, Good Housekeeping, Vogue and many more, Ruth has worked and lived all over the world. This exposure to an abundance of smells, customs, ingredients, and fragrances has helped to develop her fragrance palette and inspirations. 

The beginning of Fragosmic - your family perfumers

After studying chemistry at Oxford University, Ruth quickly discovered her love of perfume whilst working on the perfume counter at Selfridges, London. Training at Naarden International (now Givaudan), Ruth travelled to the Netherlands and Japan before returning to the UK to continue her career and become President of the British Society of Perfumers. With over 40 years of experience, Ruth has developed her craft by working with a variety of product types, from candles and home fragrances to skincare and signature scents. 

A proud and passionate family business, Ruth has schooled her son Nic in the same classical methodology in which she was trained by some of the most successful perfumers in the world. Ruth’s daughter Claire works on the operations, logistics and customer services side of the business.

Fragosmic has created fragrances for many brands, including Jo Malone, Jigsaw, Prismologie and Kenneth Turner. We also enjoy working with many small to medium-sized businesses and brands who are keen to create their perfect fragrance. Alongside working with businesses and brands across the world, Ruth has also launched a range of niche fragrances that can be found in fragrance boutiques and independent stockists both in the UK and abroad. 

Creating your fragrance with us

Working in our perfume laboratory and studio outside London, Fragosmic invites a variety of clients, including product development managers and founders, into their space. In this studio, most of the scent magic happens. From initial discussions and planning meetings around our rustic table to finding and testing formulas and ingredients for the perfect scent, our studio is the practical and scent-focused area that is at the centre of every project Fragosmic, and their clients, work on. 

After meeting with our clients and finding out everything we can about your ideas for your perfume, including how you envision it smelling, what it reminds you of and what it may look like, our family of perfumers will get to work on finding the perfect formula approach to achieve an outstanding fragrance. We will continue to tweak the fragrance and formula until we are happy with it, and we are sure you will be. Our rigorous testing ensures that your fragrance will perform optimally in your products. 

Once we are satisfied that the fragrances’ characteristics and product performance match your brief and needs, we will present the fragrance options to you, either in person or via post. Based on your feedback, if necessary we will modify the fragrance until you are completely happy with it.

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