Your local independent perfumer

At Fragosmic, we work with each of our clients from conception to completion to create the perfect scents that appeal to their target audience and existing client base.

Bespoke fragrances for brands and businesses

You won’t be dealing with a salesperson at Fragosmic. Instead, you will speak directly to the perfumers who are creating your perfume. This offers our clients a truly supportive and transparent service that they won’t find at other perfumery companies.

Founded in 2003, Fragosmic is an independent perfume company that creates bespoke fragrance compounds for brands and businesses across the UK and all over the world. If you are a brand or business looking to create something unique and beautiful, Fragosmic can help you identify and create the perfect scents. 

Why work with Fragosmic?

Thanks to our strategic partnership with a larger fragrance house, we can offer our clients production scale and large buying power of raw materials.

Fragosmic is an intimate company, meaning you have direct access to your perfumer (instead of a sales team). We can offer speed and flexibility, with a personal touch and service). At Fragosmic, we have a family passion for creating fragrances that our clients love. 

Create your next fragrance

Fragosmic are your conception to completion partners

We are far more than just a perfumery company.

With a range of expertise and our experience in bringing a luxury niche fragrance brand to market, we also work with some customers to deliver a finished product to their warehouse. We are the only fragrance company who can supply both a bespoke fragrance and a tailored packaging solution, as well as taking care of the production to make sure everything runs smoothly. When you choose to create your ideal scent with Fragosmic, we aim to become a seamless extension of your team. Providing support, advice and guidance from the beginning, we collaborate with our clients to design the perfect packaging solution. from the first meeting to creating the perfect packaging solution at the end.