The Perfumer

RUTh mastenbroek – introduction

Ruth is a renowned British perfumer who has been working as a perfumer for her entire professional career and who loves creating unique and bespoke fragrances for brands and businesses. She has been featured in the press many times, including this recent article in The Guardian.


  • Ruth studied Chemistry at Oxford University, and quickly discovered her love of perfume while working on the perfume counters at Selfridges in London.
  • Ruth trained at Naarden International (now Givaudan) which took her to the Netherlands and Japan. She later returned to the UK to continue her perfumery career and was President of the British Society of Perfumers.
  • Ruth has worked and lived all over the world which has exposed her to an abundance of different ingredients and fragrances, helping to develop her fragrance palette and inspirations.


  • With over 40 years’ experience as a trained ‘nose’, Ruth has developed her craft by working across many different product types, from candle, home fragrance and toiletries to fine fragrance.
  • Ruth has made fragrances for brands such as Jo Malone, Jigsaw, Prismologie and Kenneth Turner. Ruth has also enjoyed working with many small-to-medium sized businesses and brands to find their perfect fragrance.
  • She has also launched an eponymous range of niche fragrances which are sold in fragrance boutiques and independent stockists, both in the UK and abroad.


  • Ruth has her own studio and laboratory just outside London where she creates fragrances.
  • In creating a fragrance, Ruth is thinking of its intended use. Is it for an Eau de Parfum where the fragrance has to sing on the skin or for a bath product where the fragrance needs to jump out of the water? Every application (product type) requires a different formulation approach, whilst achieving an outstanding fragrance. Ruth enjoys delivering the best possible fragrance for any given application.
  • Ruth decides on a fragrance direction and a formula, which she tweaks until she is happy to present it to you. E.g. If it is a fragrance for the skin, Ruth tests it on the skin; if it is a candle fragrance, Ruth tests it in candle. The benefit for you is that you can be assured that the fragrance will perform optimally in your products.
  • Once Ruth is satisfied that both the fragrance characteristics and its performance in product are delivering your needs she presents the fragrance options to you.